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Monster High Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin

The Monster High phenomenon has hit my family hard. All three of my kids love to watch the webisodes on monsterhigh. com. When barely any stores had Monster High dolls in the weeks after Xmas, I called around and found a Draculaura doll for my daughter to buy with her Xmas money. When she had to return a repeat gift after her party, she used the store credit to get Draculaura a place to others her brain at night (even though she basically stays propped on her stand 24/7). Thus, the Mattel Monster High Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin arrived in our home.

As the product title suggests, this is basically a black plastic coffin (with light red trim and interior) that doubles as being a jewelry box. How does it double as being a jewelry box? That's where the 'cute' factor kicks in. Being 15 (hundred and ninety-nine) years old, Draculaura's bed is similar to a poster bed, with light red posters that raise the top half of the coffin up. The top half of the coffin would be the jewelry box (about 10" x 3"), which doesn't hold a lot, but may fit quite a few trinkets in addition to the light red and black plastic bat band that comes with the bed.

While the location to store kid trinkets is good, the real fun factor of the Monster High Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin is in the bed's decor and accessories. To fit the faux plushy light red inside, the coffin comes with a light red pillow, a pink-speckled blanket, along with a white and light red curtain to hang down from your jewelry box.

When Draculaura needs to unwind, she can watch the tv watch that pops down from your ceiling, or use the lighting effects from your light red chandelier to read her diary to the fold-out side table, where she can also others her tea cup, note down and perfume. Obviously, there are plenty of items in this article to spice up your doll's living.

My eight year-old daughter is glad to have the Monster High Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin. She liked the idea of using a bed that doubled as another location to keep jewelry, and also having something new to play with when she plays with her Monster High dolls. Draculaura fits lovely in the coffin, although she doesn't look all of that comfortable inside the hard plastic inside.

So far as durability and playability are concerned, the coffin and accessories give a number of options to enhance play, but the overall quality is to the cheap side. The plastic doesn't seem all of that sturdy; the side table seems like it may fall off any day. In addition , increasing the box/lid can be tricky the first time, and the posters/rails that you expand to raise the box are a little unstable.

Overall, my daughter enjoys her Monster High Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin. Contrasting the toy's quality to the $20 she spent on it, I'm glad she used her own money for it and never mine. For heavy duty Monster High fans who want more for their dolls to accomplish, coffin is a creative option, but I would recommend everyone search for a very good price, in the $10-15 range.
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