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четверг, 21 июня 2012 г.

Monster High doll recommendation

I would without a doubt reccomend this toy doll to be able to anyone who is directly into Monster High. Her kept cid on her knee emerged a little free but if you're careful it won't come off, and also she looks fine with no it again anyways. I would say that she's one of the prettiest monster high dolls. Her green hair causes it to be seem as though chlorine in fact managed to get seem that way. Her motorcycle helmet doesn't match well, but she looks better, i believe, without the motorcycle helmet on in any way. Her gown is stunning. Her rollerskates are really cool looking, and they also possess a fish level design and style. I found her on the price of about thirteen dollars in a grocery store, so seem presently there before buying in a more expensive price. I love this Monster High toy doll.

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